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We offer multiple advertisement sizes to fit every budget. In addition to professionally designing your advertisement on a weekly basis, we are happy to personally photograph your vehicles, collect advertising copy, and meet in your office on a weekly basis in order to ensure a successful advertising experience! Family owned and operated, your success is important to us!

We are happy to offer listings of Southern Oregon new cars and used cars listed by both local auto dealers and private parties. Local auto dealerships know that Auto Emporium is a place where more and more consumers are searching for new/used cars for sale, and strive to keep their most up-to-date inventory in our magazine. The same goes for individuals looking to sell a car. The auto sales industry is a competitive one, meaning you can expect to find great deals on cars, motorcycles, RVs and trucks for sale in Southern Oregon on our pages. The sheer volume of vehicles you will find in our weekly publication is staggering, and the quality of vehicles you will find is consistently first-rate. It has never been easier to purchase a vehicle, or to sell one for that matter. If you are in the market for a great vehicle and an even better deal, pick up a copy of Auto Emporium today.

We know that for a potential buyer there is nothing more frustrating than seeing a vehicle you are interested in learning more about, only to find out when you call that it has already been sold. This won’t be a problem when you conduct your car shopping using Auto Emporium.

Leading Southern Oregon auto dealers and dealerships throughout Southern Oregon feature their most up-to-date inventory here
Our publication is published on a weekly basis.

There are amazing deals out there on vehicles of all types. All it takes to find them is doing a little homework. Consider Auto Emporium your textbook, and get to work finding cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs and more. We promise this will be the most enjoyable homework you’ve ever done!

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Half Page

Advertise up to 8 units on our custom designed 1/2 page format. Our most affordable options, our 1/2 pages is a small space however makes a BIG impression!

Full Page

Our most popular option, advertise up to 16 units on our full page . For a small premium fee, you may change your entire design up to 2 times per month: a great option for seasonal offers and manufacturer deals!

Multiple Pages

Private Party Advertising

Multiple pages earn multiple discounts! Advertise more than one page and we'll put a custom package together for you. Add a cover in addition to multiple pages and the savings are incredible!

Magazine Cover

Maximize your exposure on the cover of our magazine. With over 400 distribution locations, your dealership will not be missed!